BBBGEM:How To Buy A Stackable Birthstone Rings Online

Stackable birthstone Rings are a great way to celebrate yours or someone you love’s special day- the day of their birth! Or celebrate your wedding day! Stackable birthstone rings will create a moment both of you and your lover will always treasure. Also, A stackable birthstone ring set is a wonderful gift for your mom.
So, stackable birthstone rings are more and more popular nowadays.How to buy a perfect stackable birthstone ring?

Firstly,we can learn about every month birthstone and their meanings,and then Choose a stone for your birth month or star sign:
January – Garnet, it stands for chastity, fraternity and faith.
2. February – Amethyst is symbolic of honesty,peace,romance
3. March – Aquamarine which is associated with meanings of staidness,courage,cleverness
4. April – Diamond is connected to purity,eternal love
5. May – Emerald, it will bring us luck,hope and happiness
June – Moonstone, a symbol of health, wealth and longevity
7. July – Ruby,represents passion,love,dignity
8. August – Peridot,happy marriage,luck,hope
9. September – Sapphire,means wisdom,faith
10. October – Tourmaline,happy,peace
11. November -Citrine,it can remove negativity,and bring us friendliness
12. December -Blue Topaz,Victory, good luck, success.

Secondly,you can choose your most favorite color. Just saying, to each their own. In additional,you can choose the color which the most suitable for your natural skin colour,and to highlight your personality.

To choose a stackable birthstone ring,hand-type factors cannot be ignored,it can decides the color and the size of rings.
Type 1-Fingers are short and thick
If your fingers are short,please avoid to choose the delicate style,like a micro-pave ultra thin wedding band,there will be a greater contrast,and it seems your fingers are grossly thick. However,a stackable ring with big gemstone is also not fit with your hand.
A stackable birthstone wedding band like this would be a good choice:

Type 2-Small hands
For small hands, you can choose delicate and elegant stackable birthstone rings such as ruby diamond eternity wedding band,art deco wedding band.You can stack with 2 or 3 rings. You can wear them together or separately for different looks.

Type-Slender hands
If you have slender hands,congratulations! No matter luxury,big gemstone rings or delicate,elegant stackable birthstone rings, they will be more charming once worn on this slender hand. You can choose full eternity,thin design,Micro-pave diamond wedding bands in different gold,white gold,rose gold,yellow gold.Small enough to stack many rings at once.

BBBGEM has many set options for stackable birthstone rings.You can purchase a single band, several bands, or a set. Welcome to visit our page:

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