Are Moonstone Rings Good Alternative to Diamond Rings

Why Moonstone?

Moonstone apparently looks like one of the magical stones shown in the amulets of Disney princesses. Cultivating empathy and compassion, this stone helps the wearer to enhance psychic abilities and prophecy. Moreover, moonstone rings are believed to have tranquil energy, inviting healing, motherly protection, and creativity. It stands for sensuality, inner goddess, hope, intuition, love, fertility, and cleansing the mind.

Moonstone ring is considered a stroke of good luck. Also, feelings of love and affection are associated with moonstone. So, they are considered ideal as engagement and marriage rings. Prices of moonstone range from $10-$1000. The clearer the stone, the valued it is.

Choosing Moonstone Color:

Moonstone has a blur luster and a flickering inside. Moreover, it cannot refract light more than 15 degrees. While purchasing the moonstone, look for the gem’s deep hues as it determines the quality of the moonstone.

A moonstone gives a cat-eye effect while making it stand out because of its lustrous sheen.

The Appearance of Moonstone:

Moonstone rings

Moonstone is transparent apparently but has a tint of blue all over the stone. The elegant and shimmery effect gives a magical glow to stone, inside out. Astrologically, they are also a good substitute for pearls.

Moonstone is the ultimate gift for lovers. This vintage elegance can be an ideal option for presenting as an engagement ring.

How to Determine the Quality of Moonstone?

A good quality moonstone is as free of inclusion as possible and almost transparent. A fine moonstone has colorless to the white body color and is highly clear. Also, it has a blue sheen all over.

Moreover, a lesser quality moonstone can be brown, pink, green, orange, yellow, or grey. Moonstone is considered one of the most sacred stones in India.

Moonstone Rings Vs. Diamond Rings:

Though diamonds are the most popular gemstone for any special occasion, the moonstone is the best alternative if you admire a bohemian and much-natural look. Unlike any other stone, moonstone is mystical. It can be a conversation starter and accolades all skin tones.

Popular Cuts in Moonstone ring.

Large size moonstone and fine quality both are rare. The most popular color for moonstone is semi-transparent or colorless. However, to show the adolescence and the color, it is preferably cut in cabochon.

Besides cabochon, the other famous cuts in moonstone jewelry are faceted and beans. Faceted cut also helps in hiding inclusions within the stone. Moreover, the rose cut is also becoming a famous moonstone’s cut day by day. It highlights the texture and color of the stone while adding angles and depths.

As compared to diamond, moonstone is soft and is semi-precious. Diamond is highest (10) on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, whereas moonstone ranks 6-6.5.

Benefits of Having Gemstone Ring as Compare to Diamond Ring:

If you have a low budget and want something unique like diamonds, you can go for moonstone rings. Secondly, you can get gemstones in a much bigger size, more shapes, and colorful expressions. Additionally, moonstone can be carved.

Unlike diamonds, they need extra care, but that is not much to ask for such a unique gemstone.

Another concerning matter is that it is easy to buy diamonds but difficult to re-sell them at a reasonable price. Other benefits of moonstone include;

Moonstone is profoundly known for its attraction and connection with the moon.

Also, moonstone is known for removing all negativities from all the chakras.

The moon’s calming effect is said to be absorbed by moonstone, and thus it relaxes the wearer.

It is one of the ancient stones as a symbol of good fortune.

This feminine stone is also recommended for women’s ailments.

Besides these magical properties, the moonstone is also considered one of the traveling stones that offer water and land protection.

Shocking Facts about Diamond in Indian Astrology:

According to the zodiac signs, people who love to wear gemstones know that they bring good or bad luck. Most people wear them according to their zodiac sign and believe that they might bring disharmony otherwise.

Indian astrologers believe that people who belong to Aries, Pisces, and scorpion should not wear diamonds as they can bring dissonance to their life.

Moreover, astrologers believe that diamond is lucky for people if you belong to Virgo or Libra star sign.

Can Moonstone rings become an alternative for Diamond rings?

Yes, you can wear moonstone rings if you want to wear something unique and special. Embed a moonstone in a delicate white or rose gold, and it will surely become a conversation starter. People who love stones and have knowledge of it will love to wear this magical stone.

Diamond has its delicacy, but it is not affordable for everyone, and why sacrifice your desire to wear the gemstone on a special day. Buy one of the beautiful moonstone rings and surprise your loved one. The beautiful vintage look and the sheen shine will make your loved one equally excited.

Moonstone Rings to soothe your soul:

The first among our top picks is an oval-shaped art deco Moonstone engagement ring from Seeing this moonstone ring will convince you to have one to increase a piece of art in your jewelry collection,

Art Deco Moonstone Engagement Ring

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Let’s have a look at another moonstone ring that will hold gazes on you. It is set with a rose gold diamond and is breathtakingly beautiful.

Vintage Oval Moonstone Engagement Ring set Rose Gold Diamond Bridal Set.

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Such beautiful fine moonstone rings can satisfy your inner desire to wear a precious gemstone on your special day. The third design that we picked is a pear-shaped moonstone; difficult to take eyes off.

Moonstone Bridal Set Unique Moonstone Band Marquise Pear Shaped Bridal Set

Moonstone rings 2021

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These beautiful pieces of art will surely convince you to make them the symbol of your love to be always remembered. If you have a sufficient budget, you can pair moonstone with diamonds and make a classic piece.

Where to Buy Moonstone?

Due to the popularity of gemstones, they are widely available in online stores and jewelry shops. You can buy your favorite moonstone ring from any well-known brand shop. And if you prefer to buy online, one of the most authentic and reliable spaces is; you can get a variety of breath-taking moonstone rings, and we bet you cannot leave the store without purchasing a ring or at least adding it to your wish lists. You can also get them from ETSY or Amazon.

Wrap Up:

Moonstone is a soft gem compared to diamond, but it can make any occasion as impressive as any other gemstone can make. If you have a sufficient budget, you can go for a diamond, but a good quality moonstone is ideal. Moreover, purchasing a moonstone engagement ring will make you stand out from the traditional diamond league. You just have to take extra care of it to prolong the life of your moonstone ring. There is no reason not to purchase this amazingly beautiful gemstone for your special occasion.

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