All About Topaz That You Should Know

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Topaz is a durable and popular gem made of aluminum and
fluorine. It’s a gem that has different types of colors but appears in nature
as colorless. It’s colors are produced from heat treatment, irradiation, temperature
changes and sunlight exposure. Topaz Engagement Ring is a truly valued gem and here is why?

Mankind has been fascinated with gems and jewelries for
hundreds of years because of the aura they exude. This fascination is borne
from the fact that gems give a sign of power or wealth and satisfies the
yearnings of people to decorate themselves and improve on their appearance.

Today, gems have continued to remain ornaments to adorn one’s
body but also to indicate class and style. To even have some gemstones nowadays
is a feat in one’s book. Considering how expensive jewelries are, it’s not an
item that you can pick at a whim. Although there are replicas which might be
easily affordable, they are however replicas! The fake ones are easily
identifiable as well.

With that said,it’s great we still have affordable
gemstones like Topaz. Despite it being a common stone, it is still one of the
most popular in the world.

Many people always think jewelries always have to be
expensive to be seen as original. While this is true to an extent, that’s not
the case with Topaz Gemstone. It’s much more affordable compared to other
gemstones and it is very durable and will not dissolve in solvents like other
jewels. It is available in a wide variety of colors but there is one which is
the most expensive of them all, and that is the golden orange-yellow topaz.

You may be wondering what makes topaz valuable then,
considering how affordable and durable it is.

For starters, it’s aesthetic feat has to be commended.
Topaz offers types of gems that suit one’s color preference e for a jewel.

Azotic Topaz – This is an
orange-pink gem with a shining rainbow-like effect.

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Mystic Topaz– This one is
similar to Azotic Topaz but is multicolored and exudes a rainbow gleam effect.
Mystic comes in blue, pink etc. Mystic topaz is a new trend for jewelry which
is a result of applying titanium oxide on the stone to arrive at the final
colored product.

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There are other varieties available in the market today
which include Blue Topaz, Green Topaz and Brown Topaz. There is a transparent
white topaz which is the pure state of topaz but usually blemished with
impurities. There is the naturally occurring pink topaz which is extremely rare
and because of its rarity, most pink topaz sold commercially have been treated
from yellow or brownish stone so you must be careful not to pay the price for a
rare pink topaz for a common treated one.

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White Topaz 

Cleavage is a term that refers to one of the most notable
properties on topaz. Topaz, despite its durability must be handled with extreme
care as it has structural nature with a plane that makes bonds weak can cause
cleavage flaws to develop.

Commercial topaz deposits can be found in Brazil, Minas
Gerais and Ouero Prito. The Ural
Mountains of Russia and Siberia contain the gem but the best topaz are found in
San Luis Potosi, in Mexico. They can be found in the United States in the Pikes
Peak area in Colarado, San Diego and New Hampshire.

Like any other stone, you must keep your topaz from high
temperatures, scratches and sharp blows as these can cause flaws to appear in
the stone. Always clean your topaz with warm water and soap.

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