A guide to sapphire engagement ring

7 Facts You Should Know Before Buying Sapphire Engagement Rings:

Sapphire engagement rings are the popular choice due to its vivid color, rarity, and excellent hardness. Likewise sapphire has a lack of cleavage and a high refractive index, which makes it lovable for daily wear.

Scroll down expeditiously and learn some facts before buying your sapphire engagement rings to make the best choice for your big day.

First Fact:

sapphire engagement rings

Sapphire is less expensive than a diamond:

Budget is important when you’re planning your engagement and wedding stuff that is why everyone wants a breathtaking beautiful ring in less prize.

Sapphire engagement rings are less expensive than diamond rings because one-carat sapphire has less cost than a one-carat diamond.

Blue sapphires are costly because they are the most sought after. Likewise, sapphire price value increases when the color is more brilliant and pure.

Second Fact:

Celebrities love sapphire engagement rings:

Celebrities helped to make sapphire engagement rings a trend. When Prince Charles gave Princess Diana spencer the blue sapphire engagement ring in 1981, it becomes the talk of the town. Later on, Prince William used the same ring for his engagement to Kate Middleston in 2011.

Many famous actresses like Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, and Catherine Zeta-Jones also shows off their beautiful sapphire engagement rings to make it a headline for paparazzi.

Third Fact:

Sapphire Engagement Rings are durable:

Corundum (sapphire) is an inherently strong stone. It is not prone to breaking. Scratching and chipping which makes it an excellent choice to be chosen as an engagement ring. Sapphires are 6 times harder than topaz and they have resistance to a chemical which means they will not become etched.

Fourth Fact:

Sapphire Engagement Rings have a variety of colors:

Though blue sapphire engagement rings are the show stopper. It is not the only color that could steal your glance. The other colors of sapphire are:

Yellow sapphire:

Yellow sapphire bears an uncanny resemblance to canary diamond. It has a delicate hue and great sparkle. A 5 –carats yellow sapphire is affordable whereas the blue sapphire over 5-carats is now very expensive.

Pink sapphire:

Likewise, ruby pink sapphire can be color by chromium. The higher the chromium content the richer the pink color. It is the popular choice due to its pastel to vivid pinkish-purple color.

Padparadscha sapphire:

Padparadscha sapphire contains an allusion to the color of the lotus flower. It is the rarest form of sapphire. Padparadscha sapphire usually comes from Ceylon and recently from Madagascar and Tanzania.

Fifth Fact About Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sources of Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire comes from Sri Lanka, Burma, and Kashmir. Though Kashmir sapphire is now non-existent. Burma is still producing fine quality sapphire but in small quantities. Madagascar recently joined this and become a significant producer of high-quality sapphire.

Sixth Fact:

Sapphire Engagement Rings bears treatment and enhancements:

Sapphire bears heat-treatment to intensify its color. Moreover, heat treatment removes inclusions and improves its clarity. Sapphire is colored through diffusion treatment. The diffusion treatment done by heat-treating stone in a beryllium metal overlay. Diffused sapphire have less price than the natural untreated sapphire.

Seventh Fact:

BBBGEM have a beautiful variety of sapphire engagement rings:

Below are some affordable sapphire engagement ring designs and styles you can choose to define your taste.

Classic Bart Baguette Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring:

This classic delicate design consist of solid 14k rose gold with a center stone of 5*2.5mm lab blue sapphire. Moreover the ring consists of side stones of 0.1ct round cut natural conflict-free diamonds. A variety of sizes are available for just $399 !!

6*8mm Sapphire Engagement Ring:

This pear cut 6*8mm lab treated sapphire with 14k gold and 0.2ct diamond halo ring is a class apart. Furthermore, you can order this ring from BBBGEM for just $486 with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring 14k Yellow Gold 5*7 Oval Cut Natural Sapphire Ring Art Deco Diamond Wedding Band Milgrain Diamond Halo Ring:

Who doesn’t love pink color? It is soft and eye-catching. The material of this ring is solid 14k Gold. It consists of 5*7 mm oval cut natural pink sapphire to add sparkle to your life. You can visit BBBGEM and order it for $1,147 for your loved one. Too little to express your love.

Sapphire Ring Set Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring 5.5mm Round Cut Lab Gemstone Solid 14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Band Half Eternity Ring

These engagement rings will create a royal vibe. Just as 5.5mm 0.8ct blue sapphire placed in the mid of a white gold setting to enhance your style. This engagement ring is designed like a crown for your queen. Moreover, you can buy this ring by visiting BBBGEM on sale for just $525.

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Set Natural Sapphire Ring 3mm Princess Cut Gemstone Diamond Wedding Band Solid 14k White Gold Anniversary Ring

The 3mm princess cut stone surrounded by hexagonal set 0.08ct round cut diamonds is truly a splendid piece. Indeed this ring is the symbol of simplicity with beauty. Meanwhile you can purchase this simple and amazing piece for only $399.

Emerald-Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring/14k White gold diamond band/Bridal wedding ring/6x8mm Birthstone gift/Claw prong/Plain Band/Pave set

This ring is consists of 6*8mm treated blue sapphire with 0.42ct of topaz side stones to make it more attractive. If you are a true stone lover you can choose an emerald-cut design because it emphasizes clarity rather than sparkle. Above all this three-stone style sapphire engagement ring is available for $486.

white sapphire engagement ring with Diamond, Solid 14k white gold, promise ring, bridal,5x7mm Oval custom made fine jewelry, pave set

For instance, you love a diamond and unable to afford it. Then Choose 5*7 mm oval cut 0.94ct natural white sapphire ring to cut a dash. This cushion cut sapphire ring surrounded by 0.22ct round diamonds adds elegance. order this beautiful engagement ring for $550.

Antique White Sapphire Engagement Ring Diamond Cluster Ring Birthstone Wedding Bridal Engraving Milgrain Filigree Bezel Set Thin Band Women

The antique white sapphire engagement ring shows a high level of craftsmanship and quality. The 6mm white sapphire center stone with diamonds as side stone is available for $759.

Classic Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo Solid 14k Rose Gold

If you want to show the world your intense love choose this classic pink sapphire engagement ring. The 4.5mm round-cut pink sapphire along with 0.22ct natural diamonds steal the glance with its delicate color and feminine appearance. Book this piece now for $425.

Blue Sapphire Ring Halo Antique Diamond Flower White Gold Engagement Ring Anniversary Promise Wedding Unique Tiny Dainty Micro Pave Ring

This luxurious ring crafted in timeless white gold with sapphire center stone will help you to deck out your bride. Flower-shape ring is surrounded by natural diamonds. This magnificent piece is available for $459 at BBBGEM.

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