A Guide To Finding The Perfect Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearl Engagement Rings-Things To Know Before Buying This Symbol Of Purity:

The non-diamond engagement ring trend is slowly turning into “love and choosepearl engagement rings trend. However, if your main question is how to find the perfect pearl engagement ring for your loved one. Then scroll down and find out the answer to this question.

Pearl engagement rings

History Of Pearl Engagement Rings:

According to the Roman belief, pearls were associated with the moon and considered the source of power. Moreover, in earlier times Christians believed that pearl was the symbol of innocence. On the other hand, pearls were considered regal stones and people with special social ranks can wear them.

Europeans and Americans were fond of pearls thus it was the wedding and engagement ring choice until the 19th century. In earlier times engagement rings were also known as betrothal rings. Europeans incorporate pearls in betrothal rings since the renaissance period to the Victorian era.

Types of pearls:

There are several types of pearls. Below are some of these types:

Salty water pearl:

The real white pearl you love to wear comes from salty seawater.

Freshwater pearl:

The World’s largest cultivator of a freshwater pearl is china. Furthermore, freshwater pearls are available in a variety of colors for instance white, creamy, orange, and pink. It is also available in overtones of blue and green to steal your glance. Also, freshwater pearls are the most affordable type of pearls. Its size varies from 4 to 14 mm and has a bright luster.


This beautiful shiny white pearl having silver overtone grows in the cooler waters around Japan and China. Akoya pearls are popular because of their highest luster than any other type of pearl. However, Akoya got this highest luster because of growing slowly in a cold water environment.


This type of pearl is famous due to its baroque black color. It comes from Tahiti and some other Polynesian islands. Above all Tahitian also covers a huge color palette from black, grey, green, and purple. Furthermore, its size ranges from 9-14mm.

Tahitian pearls are available for $75 to $450. Price varies with the size and quality of the stone.

South sea:

As Akoya comes from cool water south sea pearls come from warm water off the coast of Australia and the Philippines. South sea pearls consider being the most expensive type of pearl its size ranges from 8-20mm. Its size lets jewelers use it as the center stone.

South sea pearls have less luster than other types of pearls. Instead of this, it shows a satiny glow described as a creamy glow.

South sea pearls are available in champagne, green, or rose overtones. However, the most famous ones are the golden south sea pearls.

South sea pearl cost ranges from $120 to $650.

Pearl engagement rings style to consider:

When choosing an engagement ring the first thing people notice is style. The ring should have a strong aesthetic appearance to steal the first glance. Therefore we will first discover some beautiful pearl engagement rings design and styles.

Solitaire ring design

This style is ever-loving because it includes a central pearl stone in a gold and silver sterling. Choose this elegant design if you love simplicity.

Halo ring design:

A single lustrous center pearl surrounded by glittery diamond or any other stone is a treat to watch. This halo style is a class apart.

Cluster ring design:

Tired of a single pearl? Choose this design. This design consists of several pearls connected to create a center. Moreover, this is a non-traditional design for your unique style sense.

Accented ring design:

Does this design include a central pearl accented with diamonds? Then there is little else that you can ask for! The freshwater pearl engagement ring design is a true beauty.

Pave ring design:

This design makes the pearl stone the center of attention by encrusting other stones to the band.

Pros of beautiful pearl engagement ring:

Pearl engagement rings are a unique choice:

You will be the only one in your friend’s group to choose pearl for your engagement ring because people opt for diamonds. So get ready to receive a bunch of compliments and questions about your beautiful choice.


An engagement ring should symbolize something meaningful to explain your story of love. Therefore choose pearl because it symbolizes harmony, purity, and wisdom essentials for a long lasting relationship.

Pearl engagement rings match every skin stone:

When choosing an engagement ring the important factor to consider is, does it match your skin tone? However, the good news is that white pearl matches almost every skin color.

Traditional and classy:

The best thing about a pearl engagement ring is its versatility. On one hand, it can look upon as a traditional sophisticated choice. While on the other hand, you can choose a black Tahitian pearl engagement ring to add a modern twist.

Exceptional prices:

Like diamonds you don’t have to spend more than $5000 to buy an exceptional piece. A pearl engagement ring costs much lesser than this value. Isn’t it amazing to find the best jewelry piece of your choice without paying too much?

Complements your outfit:

A rule among many rules for choosing a perfect engagement ring is that it should complement your outfit. Therefore you should choose a pearl engagement ring because it enhances your style statement by providing a regal look.

Tips to find the perfect pearl engagement ring:

Treatments for pearl:

Before buying any engagement ring you should always check the buyer’s guide to know about the treatments your favorite stone goes through. However, some treatments are used to improve visual appearance while other treatments may wear off or have unintended consequences.

Freshwater pearls are sometimes dyed by the manufactures to create more amazing colors. Usually, some low-grade pearls go through the dying process. You can detect the dye easily because the dyed pearl looks artificial.

Furthermore, gamma rays treatment is being done on Akoya and freshwater pearls to change their colors to blue-gray or black. If you see an unnatural metallic sheen in the freshwater pearl don’t go for that because it has gone through gamma rays treatment.

Look for pearl imitation:

Sometimes plastic pieces or glass pieces painted with opalescent paint to imposter the real pearl. So you have to be careful about that. The sign through which you can judge pearl imitation is that it looks too perfect. Whereas all pearl types have slight surface irregularities except for the highest quality ones.

You can check this by asking your merchant to rub pearls against one another. Thus if the texture is gritty after rubbing it’s natural but if it’s smooth it is most likely an imitate piece.

Un drilled versions of pearls are a better choice:

Always look for high-quality undrilled pearls. Thus by purchasing undrilled pearls you get flexibility when choosing jewelry design. But indeed undrilled pearls cost more than drilled ones.

Pearl engagement rings 2021

Don’t consider cultured pearls fake:

Cultured pearls are produced by living organisms in a lab under supervision. So this process is close to nature and that is why it’s not fake. However, a seller selling cultured pearl as the natural pearl is a scam.

Protect your pearl engagement ring:

Pearl is the softest stone with a Mohs hardness of 2.5-4. You have to protect your pearl from scratches because it is not harder than a human nail. Also, don’t clean your pearl with acids because it is made up of calcium carbonate and it can be damaged through mild acid.

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