9 Secrets behind Black Rutilated Quartz Wedding Ring Set

A pair of beautiful Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set on the wedding day not only helps the couples confidently express their style and personality. This also attracts the admiring glances of those who witness the wedding. However, nowadays many people do not know how to choose a beautiful wedding ring that suits their taste and style. If you are one of them, don’t worry. Let us reveal to you right in the article below.

Meaning of wedding rings set

The appearance of the wedding rings on the wedding day is no longer a strange thing to us, whether in the West or the East. But why is it necessary to have a wedding ring on that big day, what does it mean?

In the wedding ceremony, in addition to performing the ancestor ceremony in front of the altar as a promise, the couple’s commitment to each other for life. The exchange of Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set also confirms that the two will belong to each other forever. The wedding ring itself is the proof of marriage.

Favorite Finger for Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set

Whenever you see someone wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger, you will understand that that person marries. Therefore, the wedding ring is also important a protection of family happiness, a reminder that the person has an owner.

Besides, in the presence of the two families, relatives and friends, a pair of beautiful and luxurious Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set as a message to the other half. In the next married life, this will have ups and downs, difficulties, challenges. But let’s try and preserve love in the most respectful and best way for each other.

Interesting questions about wedding rings

Revolving around the topic of wedding rings, there are many questions as well as quite interesting questions. Let’s explore with us right below.

Why are Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set circular?

When it comes to wedding rings, people refer to the commitment from a sincere and complete couple’s love. The wedding ring-circle pair has always been considered a symbol of faceless love. The circle has no beginning, no end, no end. This represents a strong and solid relationship.

So who was the first to adopt the circle as a symbol of marriage? Those are the Egyptians. They wear rings on the 4th finger of their left hand because they believe that the flow of love will run straight from this finger to the heart.

Why are there two wedding rings?

Wedding rings always have to have 2 pieces forming a pair and have relatively similar decorations or have certain things in common. Why? Because the wedding ring is a sacred object that shows the commitment to love. Therefore, each person must wear Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set one on their hand. Every time they look at the ring, they know they will have to be responsible for their spouse, whether happy or sad, full or difficult. …

Why are wedding rings made of gold?

Wedding rings have a sacred meaning for the loving couple. Therefore, to represent the sacred and to be a symbol of marriage, wedding rings are often made of gold, which is a precious and rare material.

Besides, in order to put on a splendid shiny appearance, the gold wedding ring had to go through the process of heating in a fire under extreme temperatures. This shows the deep meaning that: To have a happy married life, two people need to overcome challenges and difficulties in life together.

The standard of beautiful and luxurious wedding rings

In order to have a beautiful and luxurious wedding ring, couples need to learn and have knowledge about how to choose to suit their preferences, desires and style. Here are the standards of beautiful Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set that we will reveal to you. Let’s refer to offline.

Beautiful luxury Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set with good quality gold

One of the indispensable leading standards of luxury wedding rings is good quality gold. Wedding ring is a faithful item worn by the bride and groom every day. If you do not choose good materials, damage, breakage or fading will happen very soon.

With good gold material, you can choose 14k or 18k western gold. It is best to choose 18k gold because its durability, luster and beauty are also much higher than 14k gold, although the price is a bit higher.

With high quality stones

A pair of beautiful Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set lies not only in choosing good quality gold as a ring, but also in a high-class stone design. You can choose from high-grade stones such as:

CZ stone: CZ stone possesses beauty and optical, physical, chemical, … not inferior to natural diamonds. In fact, they are a form of artificial crystals created by refining a mixture with high purity zirconium oxide powder at high temperature and pressure. CZ stone is almost colorless, has a hardness of 8.5/10, is hard to scratch and has perfect optics.

Moissanite Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set

The main rock is a mineral of Silicon Carbide or Carborundum compounds. Compared to diamond, the shape of the stone is similar but the hardness is less than about 9.5/10, transparent when not mixed with impurities, has many colors and the stone cut is usually gray-blue.

Topaz: One of the most important gemstones with a hardness of 8, good scratch resistance and perfect polish ability. Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set brings luck, many creative ideas to the owner, but also a symbol of love and happiness.

International standard diamond mount

Referring to diamonds, people immediately think of luxury, class, nobility, expressing the personality and personal style of the uncle.

Therefore, if you wear Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set with diamonds, the couple will surely be admired by many people. They witness the moment of wearing the ring during the wedding. Moreover, this is also a way to attract attention, express your own personality and style.

If you want to express your own personality and style, you can order wedding rings at reputable wedding jewelry suppliers.

Summary Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring set

Exquisite design sometimes does not have to be cumbersome, ornate, with many details. This just makes it more confusing, not beautiful. The smartest, couples should choose a beautiful and luxurious wedding ring. This comes with a simple and sophisticated design but still exudes their very own and classy features.

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