7 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Not so long ago, choosing an engagement ring did not
require many questions. All that people asked was what kind of cut and what
type of metal was to be used. These days, people consider a lot more when
figuring out when, where and how to buy an engagement ring. Here are some
useful tips on how to make the perfect purchase.

1. Don’t be caught up In thetrend

An engagement ring should be timeless – a classic symbol of
love eternal. So the goal should be finding the right stone to match your
future fiancé. Take a look at what jewelry she wears now to determine what
suits her style. Are they a gold or platinum person? Do they love their
statement jewelries or like the minimal pieces? Make observations of their
current style and determine how you pick the piece that they’ll like to wear
every day for the rest of their lives.

2. A stone doesn’t have to be perfect on paper.

Diamond experts often stress on the four C’s ( color, cut,
clarity and carat), but another important factor in decision making is the
certificate grading. You don’t have to get a flawless stone to create a
beautiful ring. It’s better to judge a stone by its feeling rather than the GIA
grading it received. The grade can be a starting point but not your only
deciding factor.

Solitaire Forever One Moissanite Engagement Ring Twist Wedding Ring Half Eternity Diamond Wedding Band

3.Size matters only if you (or your future spouse) think it

It doesn’t have to be go big or go home. Unless your future
spouse insists this is most important. In such situations, you can place more
emphasis on size over color or clarity which will determine the kind of stone
you get. In the jewelry industry, there is a growing trend to be less showy and
be more about style. More women are settling for something that speaks to them
on a personal level over traditional large jewelry.

4. Know where the stone came from.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a jewelry that has a
back-story to it. It draws listeners to the hopeful or otherwise sad story
behind the jewelry. This is especially found with ethically sourced gems. Most
people these days want to know where their jewelry comes from. Stones that are
different and interesting will give you a nice detail to share with your future
fiancéafter you give her the ring.

Natural Emerald Engagement Ring Set Diamond Matching Band Rose Gold Open Gap Art Deco Band

Don’t be afraid to chose an entirely unique ring.

Millenials want everything they get to be special, and for
a ring, they want the vibe to match their own. It’s becoming common for women
to drop diamonds and traditional settings for the unique, personal and
unexpected. They want something that feels ‘vogue’ and is relevant but will
stand the test of time and is not basic or predictable.

6. Don’t go it alone.

Shopping for an engagement ring may be one of the most
daunting tasks you will undertake so it’s okay to get help from friend. Ask for
recommendations from those who are engaged and call upon someone who knows you
and your future fiancé and you kind of taste regarding aesthetics. Often, the
person you are buying for has an idea of what they like and might have
expressed it to a friend.

Don’t commit.

Don’t commit to a jeweler completely because you don’t want
to come up with a ring that your future spouse hates and can’t be returned or
exchanged. You want your future spouse to love both you and the jewelry

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