6 Reasons to Buy Black Tourmaline Ring for Wedding

From time immemorial, Black tourmaline ring are common as sacred objects to demonstrate the eternal and eternal love of the bride and groom on the big day of their lives.

However, during use, there will be many problems with the wedding ring such as not fitting or wanting to change to another style. And many people wonder whether changing wedding rings is abstinent? If you do not have a satisfactory answer, let us answer it right in the article below.

What are Black tourmaline ring?

It is no coincidence that the wedding rings appear and play a particularly important role in the big day of the newlyweds who are about to officially become husband and wife. Wedding rings have their own meanings that not everyone knows.

The Black tourmaline ring is a gift given on the wedding day of the bride and groom, not only means to express a sincere, final and complete love of the loving couple, but also a wish wishing to go together. End of life. When wearing a wedding ring, both the bride and groom are bound to each other. It represents fidelity, love; sympathy and sharing in later married life.

Why do you need tourmaline ring?

Not only will that, wearing a wedding ring implicitly announce to others that the owner is married. Wedding rings are not only a qualitative credit but also a souvenir to help the wearer always remember the presence of the other party.

In addition, the Black tourmaline ring has another meaning. The word “ring” in a wedding ring also means to show patience. In married life, there will also be times when “rice is not healthy, soup is not sweet”. At such times, they need to be patient with the other party, listen, tolerant and understanding. Therefore, marriage is very different from when two people fall in love.

Should wedding rings be removed?

The answer depends on the person and the situation. However, if you remove the ring because of a disagreement between husband and wife, it will be the cause of unwanted “overrun”.

If the reason for removing is appropriate such as renewing the wedding ring, avoiding strong impacts during operation and living, you should also pay attention to keep the wedding ring in one place. Avoiding forgetting or losing the wedding ring is not good.

So, is it okay to change wedding rings?

There are many ideas that the Black tourmaline ring is an engagement item, a sacred keepsake of the love between two people. Therefore, if changing wedding rings is like changing the couple’s feelings, it will be a bad omen in married life.

However, there are those who think that love is in two people. The wedding ring is just a symbol. It is enough for both of them to wear the same wedding rings or remember their responsibilities to the marriage. Therefore, changing the wedding ring or not as long as it suits the mind of the two people.

Black tourmaline ring Brings Harmony among Couples

Therefore, according to us, the most important thing in a married life is the affection of two people and the empathy, sharing and responsibility towards each other. And whether changing a Black tourmaline ring is lucky or unlucky depends on the reason behind it.

Why do you want to change your Black tourmaline ring?

If you want to change your wedding ring for the following reasons, changing your ring will not affect your life and love life much:

Changing wedding rings because the rings are too tight or wide

After getting married, many people will gain or lose weight. Therefore, it is understandable that wearing a wedding ring will be wide or tight. If this is your reason for wanting to change your ring then you might consider going to a jewelry store and have them fix the model instead of changing the ring.

Dull wedding rings

Most Black tourmaline ring comes from western gold to ensure the necessary hardness and keep the ring form. Due to the metal content, during the wearing process, there will be a phenomenon of tarnishing due to oxidation. This is also a common reason many couples want to change their wedding rings. You can go to the store to re-shine the ring instead of replacing the ring model.

When should I change my wedding ring?

When the ring is tight, it is not necessary to exchange the ring. If you still like that ring model, you can go to the jewelry store, ask them to repair and polish the ring and you have a shiny, beautiful wedding ring like new.

And if you want to change your wedding ring, see when it really is necessary.

Want to change your style?

If you have been wearing a wedding ring for a long time and start to feel bored about the old wedding ring model, want to change another style, you can go to the wedding ring jewelry store together to change the ring.

However, you should also give preference to wedding rings that have a simple design, not too picky but still exude a delicate beauty for convenience in daily wear.

You lost a wedding ring

In many cases, for some reason, you and your spouse lose a ring and you need a new pair of Black tourmaline ring to replace the odd ring. Your thinking is absolutely correct.

More than ever, wedding rings need to have pairs, the replacement of new rings is necessary.

Mark the main milestone in the marriage journey

In fact, when entering marriage, the new couple went through the most difficult period together, including economic factors, many couples had to sell their wedding rings to take care of the family.

Then, when it comes to new milestones in marriage, a golden wedding, a diamond wedding, when the family economy has stabilized and developed, the older children will buy their parents a new pair of wedding rings. At that time, the Black tourmaline ring became very meaningful, a milestone marking faithful love and a perfect marriage.

So we can see that changing wedding rings is not as scary as many couples think, but quite the opposite. Changing wedding rings in many cases will bring luck and more cohesion for couples.

Must choose a yellow wedding ring

In the past, his father often told each other about choosing a wedding ring to be a gold ring. It brings warmth and prosperity to the couple. However, the current concept is quite the opposite. Depending on the preferences and style of each couple, they can choose from white gold, rose gold, platinum or diamond wedding rings.

Choose a wedding ring that must be exactly the same

This is a misconception when choosing a wedding ring. The proof is that now there are many couples who choose the ring model with the difference between the rings but still live happily until the end of their life.

So we have helped you answer the question: is it okay to change Black tourmaline ring? Hopefully with the above sharing, you have more information and useful knowledge.

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