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6 Art Deco Ring Engraving Ideas: Simple Tips

Wedding rings | Tips for choosing the right model

The exchange of alliances is a very symbolic moment, which marks and seals this commitment. It represents the couple’s union and will remain for life. So it is important to make the right choice. Moreover, there are several options on the market. And it can be difficult when deciding between the best Art Deco Ringand the details, so we’ve separated some tips.

Choosing a timeless and durable model is one of the most important suggestions. After all, the pieces will remain in your hands for a long time and should carry the essence and personality of the couple for a lifetime.

Set a budget for Art Deco Ring

It is very important to define how much you are willing to pay for the Art Deco Ring. So you will already have some ideas when making your choice. Similarly, rings from well-known brands or with stones and diamonds are always more expensive options. But in some stores you can find gold-plated models, for example, and the investment is $ 100.00 each.

Part design for Deco Ring

There are several models available on the market and this ends up generating doubts when making the choice as well. The more traditional rings are round, thinner and with few details for those who don’t want to make a mistake, and the square rings, with a straight finish, are more comfortable and ideal for the couple who want something different.

Which is the best material for ring?

The preferred material for Art Deco Ring is almost always gold, but the hue can also be a matter of doubt. The yellow gold ones end up being more common, while the silver ones are for those couples who are more discreet, but who want to escape the conventional. Rose gold has conquered some more modern couples, who opt for identical models with different shades.

The right time to buy the wedding rings

The advance required to buy the alliances will depend on the level of detail and customization of the pieces. In case the alliance is created from scratch or you want some very specific detail, the recommended is six months to a year in advance. If it’s a catalog piece, three to six months is enough.

All alliances have their particularities and can also be customized according to the couple’s taste. The most important thing is that the Art Deco Ring matches the couple and is the symbol of your union.

Rings are the symbol of Union

The wedding ring, which is exchanged by the spouses on the altar, has always been the symbol of marriage par excellence. It is placed on the left ring finger because there is the belief that a small artery passes from there that goes directly from the arm to the heart and for this reason it represents union, eternal love and mutual trust.

Why not make your wedding rings even more important and engrave beautiful words of love inside them? If for the organization of the wedding, it is possible to find interesting ideas and inspirations on sites like bbbgem , as regards the phrase to be engraved on the wedding rings , just read our guide.


Simple and essential, the engravings on Art Deco Ring with the names of the spouses or more minimal with initials and wedding date are an evergreen.




Name and wedding date

Initials and wedding date

Name, wedding date and symbol


Sweet words that will have to represent your story and your way of being like phrases to be engraved on the wedding rings will make your rings more romantic than ever.


Yours forever


Eternally yours / yours

Past, present and future

I choose you


Traditions and etiquette of wedding rings

It is the groom’s job to purchase the wedding rings, as per etiquette. The male best man of the groom, on the other hand, has the task of taking them to the place of the ceremony. Page boys or bridesmaids, usually precede the bride and groom during the wedding march.

They are in charge of bringing the wedding rings by placing them on a ring holder pillow that must be in line with the style of the wedding.

Types of Art Deco Ring for the yes day

From the classic to the valance (wider) passing through the French (thinner) to the more modern wedding rings with “brilliant promises” diamonds embellished by the brightness of diamonds, there are different types of wedding rings that lovers can choose for their wedding day.

Our proposals:

Francesina: it is a thin Art Deco Ring , flat on the inside and slightly rounded on the outside, generally chosen by those who do not wear rings, as it is among the thinnest.

Comfort: characterized by a rounded shape, it has an internal shaping that allows the faith to be worn more easily.

Normal: usually made without diamonds or precious stones with a totally flat inside and a very fine section.

Specials: in hammered and worked gold that gives a great light to the faith.

Best Deco Ring for your Wife

Regardless of traditions and its history, the wedding ring still remains a symbol of joy that fully expresses the desire to live forever next to one’s own or one’s wife. And it is precisely by virtue of this very powerful meaning, no matter if the band will be in white or yellow gold, that wedding rings are the most important jewels that a man and a woman can ever wear in their life.

Our proposals:

Classic: usually made without diamonds or precious stones with a totally flat inside and a very fine section.

Specials: in hammered and worked gold that gives a great light to the faith.

Valances: very similar to the classic wedding band but wider.

Diamonds: with special processing they make the wedding ring unique and luminous


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