5 Useful Tips to Buy Emerald Diamond Ring for Gift

An Ultimate Guide to Choose a Good Ring for your Loved One

Emerald Diamond Ring

The emerald diamond ring is one of the most classic and elegant jewels of all time. After all, since people started wearing accessories, this iconic ring with a single stone is present in the hands of men and women.

And no less! In addition to being an incredible piece to wear alone, as its name suggests, this piece is also perfect for adding charm to engagement rings.

Like the idea? So come with us to discover, here in this post, 4 very cool ways to combine emerald rings with wedding rings. Come on?

1. Learn how to wear your engagement emerald diamond ring with the wedding ring

In some countries of the world, receiving a solitaire ring as an engagement gift is a highly desired tradition. Moreover, in Europe, this habit is still recent, but it is gaining more and more followers.

In this case, on the day of the marriage, the bride starts to wear only the wedding ring or the two rings at the same time, which are incredible when used together. If you have that in mind, consider choosing a wedding ring that matches your engagement ring. The set is certainly more charming than using the separate pieces.

2. Combine your emerald ring with engagement rings

In addition to being an incredible piece when used alone, the emerald diamond ring works perfectly as a ring trimmer. For this, the model can vary a lot. The more delicate versions look beautiful with a thinner and equally subtle engagement ring, for example.

Ideally, the style of the pieces should be similar, but the colors may vary. So, don’t be afraid to wear a golden wedding ring with a silver zirconia ring, for example. The important thing is that the jewels work well together and decorate with each other.

3. Use multiple rings on the same finger

Another very good tip is to wear several jewels on the same finger. In addition to the wedding ring and the solitaire, you can add other pieces. It can be a thin and studded half ring, a smooth ring with few details or even more than a solitaire ring. If you like to dare, use stones of various colors to compose a very chic production full of fashion information.

4. Bet on the sets, if in doubt

And if even with our tips you are still afraid of making mistakes when combining your rings, try buying a ready-made set. The jewels are already good to use together, so you will have a beautiful combo that can be used separately later. Some companies already offer the solitaire and the sideboard matching the emerald diamond ring you want to buy. Incredible, isn’t it?

There are many stylish and elegant ways to wear your solitaire ring with engagement rings. Just choose pieces that match each other and pay attention if they have a similar style or that complement each other. If you are in doubt, bet on a set and gain confidence little by little.

Emerald Diamond Ring Symbolizes your Relationship

In addition to being a classic jewel, the solitary ring is the object of many people’s dreams. After all, it is one of the most utilized in the order wedding and symbolizes the promise of a lasting relationship.

However, anyone who thinks that solitary rings are all the same is wrong. Each piece is unique, so it can be difficult to choose the one that will add beauty and sophistication to your style or the one you love. To help you find the perfect jewel, we’ve put together the tips in this post. Come and find out how to hit the nail on the head solitaire choice!

Find a reliable store to buy your emerald ring

Emerald Diamond Ring 2021

The first step in finding the perfect jewel is research. In that case, we go beyond the budget! In order to invest your money well, it is important to consider the quality of the stone, the attention to detail, the work of making and the quality of the gold used in the ring.

Some parts can be a little more expensive, but with low quality. While others, with a better cost-benefit ratio, may be more interesting options. So, before buying the emerald diamond ring, keep in mind what is a priority for you and investigate the source of the jewelry and its elements. A good recommendation is to go to consumer protection sites to examine references about the store.

Choose an interesting design for the piece

When choosing a emerald diamond ring, design is always a priority! After all, even if the jewel is magnificent, if it does not visually please the wearer, it can end up being forgotten inside the accessories box.

If you are going to buy a gift, note the type of accessory that the person usually wears and what their personal style is. Those who have a more discreet taste usually prefer a smaller stone with an eventually minimalist design. On the other hand, creative and expansive people tend to prefer powerful rings.

If the lone ring is for you, think of it as an investment. So it must match your way of life, so that you can use the accessory a lot. After all, there is no point in buying an incredible piece that you can only use on very specific occasions – unless that is the intention, of course!

Take into account the shape and design of emerald diamond ring

This suggestion is very important, although many people forget it when they are excited to buy an emerald ring. As the accessory is usually commonin conjunction with the ring, the harmonization between the pieces needs to be remembered for this future composition.

So, think about the combination of different colors and styles. If you like to mix the different shades of gold, it may be interesting to take a white gold solitaire to use with the yellow gold ring, for example. The most important thing, in any case, is that the two pieces complement each other well.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing your emerald diamond ring, just pay attention to the quality of the piece. So, find a reliable company, with tradition in the market and work with well-made jewelry. After all, the important thing is to smile every time when looking at the item you selected so carefully!

Understand the origin of the ring tradition

It is believed that the tradition of giving the student a graduation ring emerged around 1835, as an honor for completing the course at West Point University, in the United States. Thus, its use was relevant to the university and not to a specific course.

Over time, the tradition has changed. Currently, it is linked to training, and not necessarily to the institution. Likewise, the emerald diamond ring models are quite varied. Another peculiarity is that this ring is no longer exclusive to higher education courses: nowadays technical training can also be celebrated with a beautiful jewel.

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