5 Types of Trending Black Opal Wedding Rings in 2021

buy beautiful western Black Opal Wedding Ring to prepare for the perfect big day of couples. However, you are wondering what kind of gold material to choose for your wedding ring. If you do not have a satisfactory answer, let’s explore elry right in the article below.

Meaning of wedding rings

In any wedding, you certainly can’t help but see the appearance of a couple of wedding rings that the bride and groom give each other. Because this is a symbol of an eternal love, the desire to stick together and go together for the rest of life.

Besides, the Black Opal Wedding Ring is also an emotional healer, expressing the bond as well as the responsibility for each other. It is also a symbol of personality, style and aesthetic eye of the newlywed couple.

Currently, wedding rings have many models as well as a variety of types and materials to make. In which, it is impossible not to mention the beautiful western gold wedding ring.

What types of Black Opal Wedding Ring are included?

Beautiful Black Opal Wedding Ring are important a new material, creativity and a breakthrough in the production of wedding jewelry today. Gold hand wedding rings receive the attention and love of a large number of young people thanks to their high aesthetics, diverse and rich designs and especially affordable prices that are suitable for most couples.

Western gold defines as an alloy of pure gold with some other metals such as Nickel, copper, silver… Depending on the different pure gold content, there are many different types of western gold such as 10k, 12k, western gold, 14k, 18k.

Besides, with each different type of western gold, there will be different colors, durability, sophistication and beauty. Western gold has a certain solidity and solidity, making it easy for designers to create jewelry samples.

Popular types of western Black Opal Wedding Ring on the market

As analyzed above, there are many different types of western gold wedding rings. Each type has different properties, characteristics and beauty. In this section, let’s explore more closely about each of the popular beautiful western gold rings on the market today.

One of the beautiful and cheap Black Opal Wedding Ring is the 10k western gold ring. This is a wedding ring made of gold that is made by melting 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy. So, 10k western gold consists of about 41.7% pure gold, the rest is other metals such as silver, copper, Nickel, zinc, manganese, tin, etc.

Advantages of Black Opal Wedding Ring

The advantage of Black Opal Wedding Ring is that it has high hardness, easy to attach stones compared to other types and pure. Moreover, the price is quite cheap compared to other western gold materials. If couples do not have enough money, they can immediately choose a 10k yellow gold wedding ring.

However, 10k gold also has disadvantages that need to be mentioned such as not high aesthetics, not as durable as other gold materials such as 14k gold or 18k gold. Especially if in the process of long-term use, it will be black, fade or easily distorted.So to ensure that the color is kept and that the 10k gold wedding ring is not damaged quickly, you need to limit rubbing and strong impact during use. Moreover, regularly polish the ring to keep it beautiful and bright.

Beautiful gold wedding ring

In addition to the 10k western gold ring, couples with a medium budget, not too rich, can choose a 12k western gold wedding ring. This ring is made of 12 parts pure gold and 14 parts other metals. Therefore, the total pure gold of 12k gold accounts for only about 50%, slightly higher than the proportion of pure gold in 10k gold.

Therefore, the advantage of 12k gold is that it is more durable and shiny than 10k gold. Besides, with attractive price and delicate and gentle beauty, 12k yellow gold wedding ring has been chosen by many couples.

Most Popular Black Opal Wedding Ring

One of the most popular Black Opal Wedding Ring designs for couples is the beautiful 14k yellow gold wedding ring. With a structure of 14 parts of pure gold and 10 parts of other metals, equivalent to 58.3% of pure gold, 14k gold rings have a much higher durability and luster than 10k and 12k gold types.

In particular, the advantage of a 14k ring is that it is easy to fix, designed with a variety of designs and radiant beauty that 10k or 12k gold cannot have.

Currently, the 14k gold that we often see will have some main colors such as white gold, rose gold, black gold. The color of 14k gold formed depends on the ratio of the metal mixed with the pure gold alloy.

Compared to 10k and 12k gold and have a bit of a budget, couples should choose a beautiful 14k gold wedding ring. Because it will last longer, it is not easy to discolor, distort. Besides, the luster of the ring is not easily lost.

Beautiful gold wedding ring 18k

The highest peak of the beautiful western gold wedding ring is 18k gold. This is the type of gold in the composition that contains up to 75% pure gold, the remaining 25% is other alloys.

Compared to other types of western gold such as 10k gold, 12k gold or 14k gold, the 18k yellow gold wedding ring is the best quality. Not only in terms of durability, gloss, brightness and higher aesthetics, but also help owners wear 18k Black Opal Wedding Ring to show their classy style, individual personality and aesthetic eye when choosing wedding jewelry.

Besides, compared to 24k gold, 18k gold jewelry has a softer price, the designs are also more diverse, each design line on the ring is carved with feats and reaches a level of virtuosity.

Moreover, compared to other types of western gold, 18k gold is more valuable economically. Therefore, when buying 18k gold jewelry, especially wedding rings, couples are completely assured in terms of both value and aesthetics.

Which western gold wedding ring should I choose?

We have learned in depth about beautiful western gold wedding rings, including 10k, 12k, 14k and 18k gold. You also know that with each different type of gold material, there will be different advantages and disadvantages.


So you wonder which Black Opal Wedding Ring to choose? Let us answer for you. If to compare types of western gold, if couples want to own a pair of rings that are both beautiful, aesthetic, shiny, luxurious and noble, they should choose at least 14k gold and it is best to be 18k beautiful western gold wedding ring.

Because of the high content of pure gold in these two materials, the durability, gloss, brightness, and aesthetics will also be higher than those of 10k and 12k gold.

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