5 things to remember when purchasing sapphire rings 

A Comprehensive Guide To buying Unique Sapphire Rings

If you want to choose sapphire rings, always look for the details to consider before purchasing them. Complete your research before buying the rings. After all, you are choosing hand jewelry, and hands reveal your personality!

After Diamond, a jewelry buff considers Sapphire the gem to drool on. Sapphire’s cost entirely depends upon its quality and can be in a range between reasonable to extravagant.

Therefore, if you are finding a perfect gem for your engagement ring? Then here is the guide to beautify your hand with the perfect match.

Okay, without any further delay! Scroll down and learn about the important details.

Sapphire rings 

Why choose sapphire rings?

Below we have listed some advantages of using a sapphire ring as a gift for a special occasion.

Pros of sapphire ring: Sapphire’s durability and toughness steal the show.

Due to its durability and hardness, it earns 9 on the Mohs scale (scale of hardness to measure minerals toughness).

Sapphire is the perfect gem to choose for rings because it doesn’t break when struck.

Considerations Before Choosing Sapphire Rings

Before purchasing, sapphire rings learn the four c’s. Furthermore, you also need to know about the treatment and location of sapphire.

The four c’s are:




Carat weight

Always look for the color of sapphire:

After going through the gemology report, you should focus on the color of sapphire. It is said that 80% of its value lies in its shade. Instead of using a color scale, the sapphire color depends upon its saturation, hue, and tone.

What is Hue?

A hue is the first color you identify when you look at your sapphire ring. It is the body color of a sapphire. A sapphire usually consists of more than one hue. For example, a teal sapphire may consist of a secondary hue of blue or green, which depends on the color mix proportion.

What is Saturation?

Saturation is the strength and weakness of color in sapphire. The most prized sapphires have vivid and saturated colors regardless of their body color.

What is the tone?

Tone simply tells how light and dark is the hue. It entirely depends upon your choice, but sapphires with medium-dark tone are the preferred gems. Dark –toned ones are too inky because they look dim when set into the ring.

Pro tip: The studio sometimes has improper lighting, and this will affect the color of the sapphire. Always ask for a video taken both indoor and outdoor to avoid making a mistake while judging the color of the stone.

The two special colored sapphires are:

Padparadscha Sapphire:

It is the rarest form of sapphire. This pink-orange fancy sapphire can fetch a high price because of its rarity.

Pink sapphire:

Love the color pink? Then you should choose this as your ring gem because no other gem can compete with the intense vivid pink sapphire.

Consider the cut:

The cutting parameter is the most important feature because it reflects the overall brilliance and sparkle of a sapphire. Unlike diamond, Sapphires have no standard cuts. Sapphire cuts are customized to bring out the best display of color and luster.

If the sapphire is in a lighter tone, then the gem cutter cuts it deeply to retain the maximum amount of color. Likewise, a deep color sapphire usually cuts shallower to allow more light to enter and reduce its darkness. These approaches are used to enhance the appearance of sapphire.

Pro tip: When purchasing your sapphire ring, always looks for the window. Windows occur when the sapphire is cut too shallow. Thus this enables the light to escape instead of reflecting.

Windowing is the result of poor cutting so always watch out for it as it reduces the brilliance of sapphires.

Watch out for the clarity:

No, Clarity does not mean how far you can look into the sapphire. Clarity is the number of inclusions or impurities found in the gemstones.

Inclusions are unavoidable. Thus while purchasing the sapphire for your ring, you should always choose a sapphire with minimal inclusions seen through naked eyes.

The price of sapphire varies with the number of visible inclusions. Not only the visibility but the location of inclusion is important. The blemish in the middle of stone deteriorate its aesthetic presence and reduces the cost.

Pro tip: A, AA, AAA is the parameter to grade sapphire. There is no general description for these terms. So, always ask your vendor what AAA means to them.

Don’t just buy the stone know about the carats :

Carat defines the size of the gemstone.

Sapphires when compared to diamonds?

Sapphire has high gravity. A round diamond of 1.0 carat is similar to a round sapphire of 1.40 carat when considered visually.

Apart from gravity, sapphire brings custom cuts to the table; hence even similar carat weight sapphires look different visually.

When choosing a ring for sapphire, bigger is better is not always the case. The ideal center stone and ring finger are relative to each other. If you have a small finger size (L-M), a round sapphire of 1-1.5 carat will look proportioned.

Ask about Enhancements

The treatments for sapphire are:

1. Heated

2. Beryllium treatment

3. Surface diffusion

4. Fissure filling with gas

Sapphire ringsbuy Sapphire rings 

Why treat gems?

To improve their color, clarity, and luster. The treatments affect the price of the stone. The most expensive and rare sapphires are untreated. Heat treatment is permanent, and 98% of the sapphire in the market are heat treated.

Heat treatment does not affect the integrity and durability of the stone. Fission-filled sapphires have cobalt glass to improve their color, thus reduces their cost.

Take Away

Now you are ready to find the best possible sapphire ring for yourself. Make sure that you check everything that we have mentioned in our guide.

This would help you purchase the best sapphire ring possible.

We, BBB Gem, offer a wide range of sapphire rings. View our collection and choose a ring that would leave your beloved breathless!

Happy sapphire shopping!!

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