4 Ways To Preserve Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring and wedding bands are some of the most valuable, and sentimental, investments that you and your spouse will make. To preserve your wedding rings in their best shape, consider the following helpful hints and tips to make sure that your rings look their best for years and years to come. With these tips, your rings will continue to look like new, long after the honeymoon phase is over.

1. Clean your 
turquoise engagement ring and wedding bands

Wedding rings can easily look somewhat dull or dusty if they are not cleaned for lengths of time. You will be surprised how sparkly and shiny your ring can look with a simple and quick cleaning. To make sure that your ring doesn’t have any buildup of dust particles, dirt, or anything else that it might encounter, make a point to regularly clean your rings. You can make a basic cleaning solution with warm water and dishwashing soap, and soak your rings in it briefly. Enjoy your refreshed and dazzling ring!

2. Have your rings checked and make recommended repairs

Make sure that you regularly have your jeweler check the condition of your
 gold and diamond wedding band.While you may think that everything looks fine, Sol’s Jewelry & Loan can inform you whether a prong is bent, or whether something needs to be adjusted. To truly ensure the quality of your ring, you should make an effort to stop in once a year for a quick and easy check on your wedding rings.

3. Insure your ring

Wedding rings are often one of the most expensive purchases that a couple will make. Therefore, you certainly want to protect it to the fullest extent possible. Look into insurance policies to protect your ring, in the event that something unfortunate should happen to it.

4. Keep your ring safe

When you take off your rings, whether it be to sleep, shower, exercise, or any other activity, make sure that you put your ring somewhere safe and secure. Designate a specific spot to store your ring when you are not wearing, like a jewelry box, and make sure that you continue to put your ring there every time that you take it off.

Keep these tips in mind to protect your wedding rings! Jewelry that you wear every day, and something that means so much to you, should be kept in tip-top shape. Follow these steps and you will be admiring your 
moonstone engagement ring throughout many years of wedded bliss!

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