3 Perfect Tips to Buy Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring

Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring

Wedding day is an exciting event that we remember for a lifetime. Every man dreams of hearing the cherished word “yes” from his beloved. How to create a romantic atmosphere and convince a girl to agree to get married? A stunning
Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring is what will help win her heart.

An ancient tradition of giving wedding ring

The tradition of exchanging rings at a wedding and giving jewelry to a loved one on the day of the proposal comes straight from antiquity.

The product indicates the seriousness of the intentions of a man. An expensive piece of jewelry demonstrates his independence and wealth, and also that he will be able to take care of his future family.

Tips for choosing an engagement ring

Before you buy
Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring, consider the nuances.

A rock

Nowadays, a gold ring with a diamond for engagement is a beautiful tradition and a tribute to fashion. The diamond symbolizes the strength of a relationship.

But you can choose an engagement ring with another stone:

Emerald – according to legend, it increases fertility, which means that it indicates the groom’s intention to start a large family;

Ruby is a symbol of great love and happiness, therefore, together with the ring; a man promises a long and deep feeling;

Sapphire is a stone that helps build a long and happy life. The chosen one hints in advance about the thoroughness of his intentions;

Amethyst is a stone of tranquility, so an
Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring with this mineral promises happiness.

It is not advised to purchase jewelry with onyx or diamond chips, because they believe that it symbolizes misfortune and a broken heart.

Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring size

Traditionally, jewelry is chosen on the ring finger of the right hand. In ancient times, people believed that it was this finger that was directly connected with the heart.

If the ring is large or small, the beloved may perceive this as a bad sign. Therefore, it is important to choose a piece of jewelry according to the size.

There are two tips to help you get the right ring:

Take one of the items that the girl is wearing and come to the jewelry store with it – the consultant will help you choose the same size;

Imperceptibly tie the beloved’s finger with a thread and measure the diameter – then it will not be so difficult to pick up the jewelry.

Please note that
Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring with inserts need to be taken a little larger, since they have a specific shape.

Material of Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring

The traditional option is a gold ring with a diamond. But it is more important to choose a product based on the preferences of the chosen one. Pay attention to what kind of metal jewelry the girl most often wears and what style of clothing she prefers:

Gold is a classic option that will suit any woman, since jewelers use this noble metal in various shades;

White gold – will appeal to a young girl who usually prefers silver jewelry. This engagement ring looks stylish and fresh.

If you want to impress and don’t believe in superstition, choose a ring that combines several shades and types of precious metals.


Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring symbolizes the strength of the spirit, the inner state. Wearing a ring on your thumb leads to changes in life, will help develop strong-willed character traits. The Druids associated this finger with a tree, life cycle, energy, self-development, logic, balance.

On the big one, you should wear gold jewelry with stones of “sunny” shades. And to develop intuition, give preference to items made of silver with stones of blue shades.

The meaning of the ring on the thumb


Ring symbolizes fire, power, power, leadership. To advance your career, become a leader, gain influence and fame, you should wear jewelry on your index finger.

Esotericists recommend wearing gold rings on the index finger only for men: leaders, leaders, ambitious individuals. It is better for women to refrain from such jewelry, since it can become an obstacle to achieving family happiness and harmony.

The meaning of the Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring on the index finger

Middle finger

Wearing rings on this finger symbolizes harmonious life, balance. We believe that the middle finger personifies the element of the earth.

Depending on the type of jewelry, the ring on the middle finger symbolizes:

Decency, reliability – the jewelry is located on the right hand, unobtrusive, stylish, with stones of yellow, cream shades.

Astrologers endow the middle finger with the power of Saturn, which brings equality, justice, and allows you to achieve balance. It is recommended to choose jewelry with aquamarine, quartz, rauchtopaz.

How to choose a Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring?

An engagement ring is not just a beautiful piece of jewelry. You will wear it all your life, so choose a model you never want to take off. What else to consider when choosing?

Choosing a precious metal

Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring is a classic win-win option. But there is also a large number of exquisite silverware.

Treat your choice from a practical point of view. Silver is softer than gold, which means that it must be removed so that the product does not lose its shape, protect it from impacts and deformation.

How to simplify the choice? Remember which metal jewelry you wear more often: you will combine it with a wedding ring.

Ring profile

The correct fit of a piece of jewelry affects how comfortable it is to wear. There are three profiles:

Smooth. Ideal for straight fingers. Maximum contact with skin. Choose the right size and the ring will not fall even in water.

Semidirect. The profile is similar to a straight line, but with slight curvatures. Great for wide rings.

Comfort, or comfort fit. Suitable for wide-boned fingers. An ordinary ring passes through it with difficulty and is free on the phalanx. Thanks to the rounded profile, it is much easier to thread the comfort product, and it fits snugly.

Comfort is recommended when fingers are swollen, or people prone to frequent weight changes. Landing on straight toes is loose due to the small area of contact.

It is difficult to choose a profile on your own, so contact a consultant.

Engagement Ring weight

Even the widest gold ring without inserts looks massive, but in fact is weightless. Choose full-weight models: they are not subject to deformation, unlike lightweight models.

Defining the style of the wedding ring

So that you don’t want to take off your jewelry, choose a design to your liking. Conventionally,
Black Rutilated Quartz wedding ring comes into:



The first are exquisite, sleek jewelry without unnecessary details. They are perfect for any image and mood.

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