2021 Most Common Tanzanite Engagement Rings Styles

The tanzanite engagement rings are very traditional and used around the world especially for the proposal of marriage. What woman has never dreamed of being presented with a wonderful engagement ring?

If you still have doubts about how to use this jewel, know everything in this post! And already prepare your little finger for when he presents you!

What do tanzanite engagement rings present?

The rings represent a different moment of the ring, so they are used more in the ceremony. The engagement ring is made for the unforgettable moment of the engagement request, where the couple decides that they will spend the rest of their lives together.

But don’t worry: if you are in doubt between wearing tanzanite engagement rings, know that nowadays, bridesmaids also wear the two jewels together. On our website, you will find some super charming combinations of wedding rings + engagement ring.

So does it mean that man does not wear a wedding ring?

The couple can agree whether the man will wear the ring or not. You can even present the woman of your life with a wedding ring and a ring or just the engagement ring, if you want to save money. At BBB Gem it is possible to buy just one ring.

How about making the special combo: engagement ring for woman and wedding ring for man? Thus, the two can use what most resembles the couple.

Tanzanite engagement rings Brings Excitement

The excitement of getting dressed is not always a fact of life for all women, mainly because the routine of most of them is increasingly busy.

At such times, investing in tanzanite engagement rings is the best way out. They can totally transform a look and can be the protagonists of the productions. Especially if your choice is for non-basic jewels, the bang is for sure. Let’s see, together, how to explore these pieces?

Unsophisticated jewelry mix

Who said mixing bracelets and chains can’t? To balance production, use a smaller top earring and draw attention to your beauty wherever you go.

Earring parties in the routine

An earring with stones, party style, can be used in everyday life. Just choose a more basic outfit, tie your hair to draw attention to it and choose which place will be the place for you to rock!

Not basic jewelry with zirconias

Zirconia is the stone that makes any jewelry more elegant. For this reason, the vast majority of jewelry with this stone is used at night. But it is necessary to escape this pattern: using more delicate pieces and with a more basic outfit can be a great choice for your routine. How about joining?

Larger jewelry with mother of pearl

What a power! What elegance! These are the expressions that I think of when I see these photos. Mother of pearl is a natural stone that has a lot of meaning and beauty. This model is striking and with a set formed is the right choice to enhance your production.

Bracelet + earring

Choosing a bracelet and an earring is a great option for when you want to wear bold jewelry without overdoing it. If you tie your hair, the earring draws more attention!

Even if you don’t have the most daring style, it is possible to invest in different tanzanite engagement rings and in larger formats, because they are the ones that bring personality to your look.

What are the most common tanzanite engagement rings trends?

2021 is already there … Less than a month to renew this cycle and plan ideas for the next year. Fashion trends change annually, despite maintaining certain timeless patterns. Many inspirations come from the catwalks and end up adapting to the popular context. To keep you tuned, we list 4 jewelry trends that should be present in 2021. Check out:


The chains are among the main highlights of jewelry next year. The novelty is that there will be “exaggerated” combinations and mixes, loaded with style and meaning. The idea is to put aside the use of only a more delicate chain, rather, to form a mix with a lot of personality.

Colorful jewelry

In September this year, we launched the tanzanite engagement rings, inspired by spring. The idea was to versatile the jewels with colored stones and show that they can be used for a special occasion and also in everyday life. And they will continue to be present in jewelry trends in 2021.

Tanzanite engagement rings

Hoop earrings are the perfect example of jewelry that always keeps up with trends, but gains renewed perspectives. American stylists decided to give a new face to the trend and brought a reinterpretation of these models. The idea is to use larger tanzanite engagement rings and also the models worked, escaping a little from the obvious and classic.

Pearls and maritime inspiration

The seabed served as inspiration for jewelry trends in 2021. The focus is on pearl pieces (which leave aside the classic and elegant vision and come with a new look) and also the objects that seek inspiration in waters and sands. Earring like whale tail and shell pendants, fish, turtles and starfish.

The engagement ring is a symbol of the union between two people, it seals the commitment and represents eternal love. How about getting to know some curiosities about this very valuable object?

Get to know 5 curiosities about the engagement ring now!

2) Traditional tanzanite engagement rings?

As the tanzanite engagement rings became popular around the world, around the 1920s, a concept began to emerge in the United States and in some European countries that the man should buy for his future bride a ring equal to his salary or twice as much.

That seems pretty absurd to us, right ?! But, oddly enough, this is still a tradition in some parts of the world.

Perfect circular shape

And why is the engagement ring a ring, specifically? Why not a bracelet or a necklace? The answer is: the perfect circular shape of the ring is the “translation of infinity”, since we have no way of identifying where the circle begins or ends. And that is what the bride and groom expect from their lives when they get married, infinity and eternity.

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