18 Engagement rings with Amethyst that would leave you breathless

Engagement rings with Amethyst – 18 most desirable designs to make people go gaga:

Engagement rings with Amethyst are a great alternative to expensive diamond rings. At first, people will advise you to buy diamond jewellery, however, the times are changing. So, for some people, engagement rings with amethyst is an option because Amethyst is their birthstone. Whereas some people believe affordability is the key factor. Above all, people are drooling over the dark purple hue of engagement rings with Amethyst.

Before moving towards the design we will first share some tips with you for finding the perfect engagement ring with Amethyst.

Engagement rings with Amethyst

Choose amazing cuts:

Cuts enhance the beauty of your stone. Therefore, choosing the perfect cut is by far the most important thing. The fanciest cuts available for engagement rings with Amethyst are cushion cut, oval cuts, and heart shape cuts. You should go for a large cushion-cut for an extra trendy ring and a big oval cut center stone to show your love for classy styles. Amethyst engagement rings are affordable so you can ask for bigger stones and intricate cuts without breaking your bank.

Find complimenting metal:

Before choosing the metal for the ring you should ask your partner or examine her preference. For instance, does she prefers cooler vibes or warmer vibes. By deciding what she wants you can choose the cooler hues for example white gold and platinum. Or can buy the traditional warm tone yellow gold. Afterall, the white gold complements most Amethyst stone. Moreover, platinum is trendy and most sought after due to its durability.

Choose your wedding band alongside the engagement ring:

For every good purpose and to make your partner feel more special buy the wedding band at the same moment as you are buying an engagement ring. The wedding band, when purchased with engagement rings, matches well and both rings look elegant.

Arrangement of Amethyst stone in an Engagement ring:

The arrangement of stone is the most critical process because you are deciding to display your star stone. For instance, some of the arrangement styles include:


Halo rings are the most popular choice of fashionista. The center stone covered by diamonds increases its sparkle and displays an extra shiny appearance. Moreover, you can also use it for smaller stones.

Three –stone:

The base of this arrangement is two smaller stones on both sides enhancing the beauty of the amethyst stone present in the middle. The three stones symbolizing present, past, and future. If your stone is small and you wanted to fake a larger appearance, choose this arrangement.

Side stone:

You can use three or sometimes more than three stones in this arrangement to propose a unique design. Place an amethyst stone in the middle and add three to four diamonds as side stones.

Two stone:

“Toi et Moi” rings or two stone rings are the rings celebrating the togetherness of two souls. Therefore the two stones of the same shape and size are placed near each other.


The designer designs this arrangement delicately. A group of small stones comes together to produce an effect of a larger stone. This cluster arrangement is a cost-friendly arrangement.


The solitaire arrangement is indeed a solace in solitude. The ring displays a single stone hence it is the least expensive arrangement.

After absorbing enough information regarding engagement rings with Amethyst. Scroll down immediately and find different styles from BBBGEM.

18 popular designs from BBBGEM:

Amethyst Engagement Ring Antique Diamond 14k/18k Rose Gold Solid Wedding Ring 5mm round Amethyst jewelry:

This round cut Amethyst with rose gold prong setting is a piece of art. This solitaire arrangement displays the purple hue with maximum intensity. Hurry up and order this ring for just $299.

Amethyst Engagement Ring 6.5 mm cushion cut purple Amethyst:

This cushion cut ring is the epitome of royalty. Therefore for displaying your classic design you have to choose this piece. A dark purple Amethyst covered with small diamond stones and placement of diamond stones on the eternity band is indeed a sight of pure beauty. You have to spend just $645.

Amethyst Engagement Ring Diamond White Gold Princess Purple Promise Ring:

This simple and chic style 5mm princess cut purple Amethyst ring will draw your attention. The simple prong and classic pave setting make it more beautiful. Spend $499 and order this piece from BBBGEM.

1.2 carat Round Amethyst Diamond Engagement Ring:

This floral style ring with a combination of diamond and Amethyst with 14k gold emphasized the color of Amethyst. The 7mm round cut purple with prong and pave rose gold setting is available for $448.

Natural 6*8 mm Emerald-cut Amethyst Engagement Ring:

The Elongated design of this emerald cut Amethyst Engagement ring gives slender look to your fingers. With free shipping to the US, you can place your order at BBBGEM for $575.

2 pcs Round cut 7mm Amethyst Bridal Ring Set, Marquise half Eternity Wedding Band:

A traditional round Amethyst engagement ring with a 0.2ct diamond wedding band completes your search for an elegant bridal set. Order this ring for $955.

0.5 Carat Round Amethyst Diamond Engagement Ring Art Deco Milgrain Band:

This milgrain embellishment adds texture to the Amethyst diamond engagement ring. Moreover, the round cut 0.5-carat natural amethyst with a bandwidth of 1.2mm is available for just $349.

Purple Amethyst Engagement Ring –Solid 14k White gold-butterfly flower:

This Romantic ring shares feminine vibes with its wearer. Additionally, this 6*8 mm oval cut ring is comprised of 58 facets and diamonds are present as accent stones. Buy this ring for $625.

10 mm Amethyst Engagement Ring with Rose Gold Metal:

This perfect Solitaire purple Amethyst engagement ring expresses the love between brides and grooms. On the other hand the prong and pave setting secures the ring and helps to enhance its beauty. Order now for $1,054.

6.5 mm Amethyst solitaire Engagement Ring with Rose Gold Split Shank:

This modern ring includes a split shank. However, a space created because of splitting the ring band adds a unique touch. With 30 days money-back guarantee order this ring immediately for $638.

7mm round cut Amethyst Engagement Ring:

By spending $729 you can get this refined piece along with diamond and Amethyst alternate stones wedding band.

Amethyst Ring set, twisted diamond wedding ring:

A twisted diamond band with a 6.5 mm traditional round cut Amethyst ring represents the endless journey of your love. So you can buy this ring for $882.

3 pcs Amethyst cushion ring:

An 8mm cushion cut ring with the beaded band is available for just $179. Hence order it now from BBBGEM.

2 pc 8mm Cushion Amethyst Engagement ring:

This ring design with petite rose gold explains your luxurious taste. Order this engagement ring with a wedding band filled with diamonds for $138.

3 Rings set of Amethyst Ring:

What’s better than one ring? For sure three rings. This 9mm cushion cut stone along with two diamond and rose gold metal is available for $819.

6.5 mm round Amethyst Halo Ring:

The round cut considers the most brilliant and fiery cut. So for this ring, you have to spend $735.

1.2 Carat Amethyst ring with the round cut:

This floral arrangement of diamonds with round Amethyst is available with a matching band. So immediately click the buy now tab and spend $748.

Engagement rings with Amethyst 2021

Purple Amethyst Engagement Ring Cushion cut and Diamond Halo:

The diamond halo around the cushion cut deep purple amethyst is a class apart. So order it now for $599.

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