12 Popular Emerald Engagement Rings You’re Going to Want Right Now

May’s Birthstone: Emerald

May’s birthstone Emerald has been a staple of the jewelry industry for hundreds of
years. The word Emerald derives from the word “smaragdus” which means green.
The gem represents love, fertility and rebirth. Its green hues and distinct
tones set it apart as natures beauty at work. The stone is believed to grant
the owner foresight, good fortune and youthfulness.

like aquamarine is a form of beryl, a mineral that grows with six sides and up
to 1 feet in length. The color of Emerald ranges from light green (although
these types are thought to not be pure emeralds) to deep, rich green emerald
which is considered to be the most valuable form. The rarest emeralds are the
green-blue varieties. The way Emerald presents itself in a piece of jewelry
depends on how well cut it is by a skilled gemologist.

History of the Emerald

As with most birthstones. The darker
the color, the richer and more valuable is the stone and the emerald is no
different. The prices for emerald ranges on the dark green color to the iconic
dark green with a tint of blue. The gem is formed from chromium, vanadium and
iron and the varying amounts of these 3 elements gives it its range of colors.
Iron is responsible for a blueish tint, and the other two give it its deep
green color. The cut, color and clarity are the other factors that determine
the quality and value of the stone.

Emeralds like most gemstones
naturally have inclusions in them, though it’s more expected with emeralds
because of the way they are crystallized. The jewelry industry finds this gem
to be exceptionally rare because of their tolerance to inclusions. The gem is
valued by many cultures from the ancient Romans and Nero, to Cleopatra and the
Egyptians. The stone was highly priced by the ancient Egyptians and they even
had some of the first emerald mines. They prized it so much that mummies were
buried with the stone to represent ‘eternal youth’ and protect them. The Muzo
Indians of Columbia amassed a treasure clove of emeralds which was well-hidden,
and so hidden were the mines that the Spanish explorers took nearly 7 years to
find them. Emerald was mined in Egypt as early as 330BC but according to some
estimates, the oldest emeralds are more than 2 billion years old. Today,
emeralds are found all over the world, from Colombia to Brazil, Afghanistan and
Zambia. High-quality emeralds are rare and most are treated to improve clarity.

Why Emerald is for May?

One can recognize the importance of
this birthstone from its rarity and value even from ancient time. But why is
this the birthstone for May? It is probably because it has represented life and
spring-time in many cultures of the world, from the emerald isles of Ireland to
Seattle’s ‘Emerald City’. This gem has been used to describe the lush and life
of green nature.

May birthday celebrants are really in
luck because it is one of the months when the winter comes to an end and the
final school month before summer arrives. Emerald is one of the most iconic of
all birthstones. Here, 12 emerald engagement rings you’ll envy–until one of them becomes yours.

Dainty Natural Emerald Engagement Rings For Mother Scalloped Band 5mm Round Floral

Dainty Flower Natural Emeral Ring Scalloped Band


1 Carat Teardrop Emerald Engagement Ring Set Diamond Wedding Band 14k Yellow Gold Art Deco Milgrain Stacking

Teardrop Lab Emerald Ring Set 1 Carat


East To West Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Baguette Cut Rose Gold Wedding Opal Set

East To West Emerald Bridal Set


   Floral Emerald And Dianond Engagement Ring


Vintage Three Stone Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold Wedding Set

             Vintage Three Stone Emerald Set


1.25 Carat Lab Emerald Wedding Ring Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold 14K Halo Ring Pave Set

    1.25 Carat diamond Pave Set Emerald Ring


Emerald engagement Ring-7mm cushion cut emerald wedding Set-14k rose gold-handmade diamond ring-birthstone promise ring for her,art deco

 7mm art deco cushion emerald Engagement Ring



  14K/18K Rose Gold Green Emerald Art Deco Bridal Set Diamond And Emerald

   Art Deco Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Set


2.5 Carat Emerald Engagement Ring Set Moissanite Diamond Matching Band White Gold Vintage Curved Stacking 14K/18K

2.5 Carat Emerald Engagement Ring three stone set



  Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring Set Round Cut Rose Gold


     Unique Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring Set


6x8mm Emerald Cut Natural Emerald Engagement Ring 14k Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Antique

    Natural Emerald Engagement Ring yellow gold


  Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring White Gold Unique Women Bridal Set

        6x8mm Oval Art Deco diamond Emerald Ring Set


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