12 Opal Wedding Rings You Will Fall in Love With

Opal Wedding Rings –Choose Your Top Pick Among These Beautiful BBBGEM Opal Rings:

You can find an alternative to diamond. However, it is not possible to find opal wedding rings alternate due to its exclusivity and distinctiveness. An opal wedding ring would reflect your sentiments towards a relationship. It would show how much you care for your loved one. If you want to cherish your unique love life choose opal wedding rings to depict your story.

Opal gemstone:

Opal stone is made up of tiny spheres of silica and consists of 3-10% water. However the term play of color links with the size and shapes of spheres. Thus the opals which show the play of color are known as “Precious opals”. But only 55% of opals lie in this category whereas the rest are “Common opals”.

Australia is the biggest producer of opal. About 96% of opal is found near Coober Pedy, Queensland, and Lightning Ridge. However, Brazil, Ethiopia, and the United States also producing quality opals.

Types of opal:

Opal is an affordable and beautiful stone. Buy high-quality opal wedding rings and steal the glance of people.

Opal comes in many varieties and colors. Therefore we have listed some types below:

Transparent opal:

This type of opal is also known as crystal opal. For instance, you can compare this stone with a raindrop reflecting rainbow hues. However, the stone doesn’t cost much.

White opal:

White opal is the most desirable type of opal. This opal color ranges from creamy white to pale yellowish-white. The top-notch white opal has an even and distinct pattern of color. You can spend a few hundred dollars and get this amazing piece.

Black opal:

Black opals are the most expensive type of opals. Moreover, its color ranges from black to dark blue and shows the amazing play of color.

Water opal:

Water opal is also known as jelly opal. Similarly, this is a semi-translucent stone that lacks crystal stone transparency. The water opal price range from a few tens to low hundreds. Therefore this type is the most affordable stone.

Boulder opal:

The boulder opal has an irregular shape. This opal shows the exciting play of color. Boulder opals may cause some hundred dollars so it is an affordable choice.

Qualities of opal to look for:

Play of color:

Opal shows play of color. The opal play of color is known as harlequin which is most worthy. The harlequin is the spread of diamond shape flashes.

Desirable shape:

Choose the most desirable shape of an opal wedding ring. The stone consists of cabochon cuts to know the stone is symmetrical and has a dome. Thus dome is responsible for the color of the stone make sure the dome is not ruptured.


Always go for thicker stones to avoid skin color visibility. Crystal opals and white opals are see-through if the fire is not strong enough. So always pick up the stone in hand to check the stone in the open back setting.

Considerations before buying Opal wedding rings:

A rub over setting should be chosen. Hence this rub over setting provides protection and security to your opal. Moreover, this setting includes thin bezel gold that covers the edge to protect from impact and shock.

Queensland boulder opal has an advantage over other opals. So when choosing opal wedding rings select boulder opal. Boulder opal has a unique structure thus it can produce creative designs for the center stone.

The cabochon is an important thing to consider before buying an opal wedding ring. Therefore select opal with low cabochon because it is more resistant to damage.

12 opal wedding rings design:

Check out the amazing collection of opal wedding rings from the BBBGEM site.

Vintage Oval white Engagement Ring Set Marquise Chevron Wedding Band Halo Diamond Ring:

Do you believe in old is gold? Then why not choose this vintage opal ring from BBBGEM. This pure stone will bring harmony to your love life. It will help to intensify the love by becoming an emotional stabilizer. This oval shape opal is available for just $929.

0.5 Carat White Opal Engagement Ring Classic:

This round cut opal ring will show a vivid play-of-color. The lightweight ring having a single center opal stone with accent diamonds would make a lasting impression. This product is so light on pocket, available for just $412.

14k/18k Black Blue Opal Moissanite Rose Gold Ring:

If you are tired of simple white opals you can choose this round cut blue opal secured in leaf setting with Moissanite accented stones. This ring is a classic addition to your jewel set. This 1.33-carat opal will depict the faithfulness of your relationship. Furthermore, you have to spend only $565.

14K Opal Diamond Dora Rose Gold Wedding Band:

The round cut opals surrounded by diamonds on a rose gold band is an intricate design. This beauty is available for just $799.

Double Halo Opal Engagement Ring:

This double halo ring setting is the best way to draws attention towards the 6mm center stone. This double halo setting creates a floral look. Above all Diamonds encircles the opal stone so that it becomes an eye-catching piece. This staple setting is available for $889.

White Gold Floral Pink Fire Opal Ring:

This vintage style ring possesses feminine vibes because of its pink color. This piece is unique in a way that instead of diamonds rubies are used as accented stones. This ring has a light-catching effect that enhances its color and brings a shiny glow. This breathtaking piece is available for $699 from BBBGEM.

Opal Leaf Moissanite Setting Rose Gold Ring Wedding Band:

This ring features oval opal stone with three marquise moissanite stones to create a shiny piece to enhance your fashion style. This prong pave set is a queenly piece available for just $1,159.

Opal Wedding Ring Set Rose Gold Bezel Set:

This opal wedding ring possesses a marquise shape opal stone. The marquise cut stone will make the fingers look slender and more beautiful. The bezel setting will hold the opal securely in place thus protects from shock. For this divine piece, you have to spend only $759.

Oval Opal Engagement Ring Cluster Opal Bridal jewelry 14k/18k:

This ring is a double opal treat. Thus it features a 6*8mm oval cut center opal and cluster opals along with it. The cluster opals will add more sparkle to your ring. Thus when the tiny opals catch light they produce a twinkling effect when the ring moves. This alluring ring is available for $680.

14K/18K Vintage Filigree Opal Ring:

This compelling piece consists of delicate embellishment. Fine pliable rose gold threads curled to provide a delicate design. An 8*6mm opal stone placed in the center with accent diamonds and opals to create a fascinating effect. Order this ring from BBBGEM for just $505.

7mm round cut three stone opal ring:

What is better than one opal? Obviously, Three floating opals to show your love for opal. It is a custom made design with 14k rose gold. The round cut provides an ideal proportion and thus sparkles the most. You can order this most popular three stone round cut opal ring for $499. Isn’t it amazing?

Pear-Shaped African Opal Ring Set:

African opal is also known as jasper. Thus this opal has a jelly-like luster has color variations it produces pleasing vibes. The pear cut made the opal appear more elongated. If you want to stand out from the rest go for this opal ring set and buy it for $1,155.

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